Tiki Barge Schedule

          Annual Events
                      Your ideas, suggestions and time are greatly appreciated


                                    2020 Tiki Barge Schedule for Saturdays and Sundays
                                                        12-3 Dockside, 3-5 Anchored
                                                               ​ Weather permitting
******Cook Volunteers******

May 23rd: Chris & Kathy Finch
May 24th: Chris & Kathy Finch
May 30th: John and Katie Todd
May 31st: Paul & Michelle Cherry
June 6th: Fred & Lisa Flower
June 7th: Steve Koop & Tina Burson
June 13th: Craig & Ananda Jenkins
June 14th: Paul & Michelle Cherry
June 20th: Josh and Lisa Link
June 21st: John & Katie Todd
June 27th: Closed for Fireworks celebration.
June 28th: Mike & Margie Bosscher
July 4th: Jeff & Lori Vanzytveld
July 5th: Mike Kramer
July 11th: Frank & Janet Cook
July 12th: Mike and Margie Bosscher
July 18th: Chris Finch & Frank Cook
July 19th: Jo Haas-rained off
July 25th: Dawn King & Michelle Cherry
July 26th: Paul & Michelle Cherry
August 1st: Adam & Erin Hodges
August 2nd: Dave & Jan Bilek
August 8th: Earl & Lauren Bettenburg
August 9th: Paul & Michelle Cherry
August 15th: Closed for GLA Annual meeting/party
August 16th: Jeff & Lori Vanzytveld
August 22nd: Fred & Lisa Flower
August 23rd: Rick & Cheryl Shanahan
August 29th: Jo Haas
August 30th: Rick & Cheryl Shanahan
September 5th: Poker Run
September 6th:​​ Jo Haas

All proceeds go towards the Fireworks fund. We will be selling burgers, brats, hot dogs, grilled cheese, chips and bottled water for a donation. On Sundays we will have biscuits and gravy as well. All meats are cooked to order. This is also a great way to meet your neighbors as we have many volunteers that will be working the barge.

This schedule will be updated as we fill the dates.
We are always looking for people that may want to help with prep work as well.
This fills up pretty quickly in the spring so if you would like to help out please contact:
Kathy Finch 269-720-3147
********Prep Volunteers******

Volunteers will do enough prep for the weekend that they volunteer for.

This includes chopping onion, lettuce and tomato for burgers. Chop up onion for hot dogs. Saute onion and peppers for brats. And if you are comfortable..making gravy for the biscuits and gravy. If not than Kathy doesn't mind making it.

They will pick up food to prep from Kathy Finch on the Wednesday before and drop it off either Friday night or Saturday morning. This is a super easy job...Thank you in advance.

May 24th: Kathy Finch
May 30th: Carrie Trewhella
June 6th: Fred & Lisa Flower
June 13th: Craig & Ananda Jenkins
June 20th: Josh & Lisa Link
June 28th: Mike & Margie Bosscher
July 4th: Jeff & Lori Vanzytveld
July 11th: Kathy Finch
July 18th: Carrie Trewhella
July 25th: Dawn King
August 1st: Kathy Finch
August 8th: Earl & Lauren Battenburg
August 16th: Kathy Finch
August 22nd: Jo Haas
August 29th: Fred & Lisa Flower
September 6th:​ Kathy Finch