​8th Annual Fishing Tournament                                            ___________

~Date:Labor Day Weekend;  Sunday September 5th, 2021 (You may participate for as long or little as you like/ all or parts of the day
~Registration Begins
7:00 am (may register anytime before or during the tournament, must register prior to participation) 
~Heavy Rain(Lightening) Date Monday September 6th, 2021
~Registration Fee:  Adult division; $10.00   Youth Division; Free
~Location for Registration  Boat with marker/flag
~Weigh In Location *Pontoon-with marker/flag 
~Final Weigh-in 4:00 pm 
~Awards of Cash, Prizes, &  Trophies
~Awards Ceremony to follow final weigh-in. Location; Kevin Burch's cottage

~2 Age Divisions: Youth;12and under                
                               ​Adult:13 and up
~3 Fish Divisions:  Adults:     1. Largest Pike       2. Largest Bass 
                                Youth:      1. "Big Fish"  2. "Pan Fish "   
                                Adults & Youth: Biggest Walleye
           ​                                                             ​
~Awards; Prizes for Youth Divisions; Each Division will receive a trophy and prize
                 Prizes for Adult Divisions; Trophy and cash prizes each division

         **Winner in* COMBINED Walleye Division, *adult and youth, will receive largest trophy

         **(All Trophies and Cash Prizes provided by Guernsey Lake Association)
         **Other prizes provided by Matteson Marine** THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE THE DONATIONS**​
                         We are always looking for sources of donations​

  Rules and Information
*All Guernsey Lake Property Owners, Residents and their fishing partners/guests are eligible to participate
*Winner in each division is based on the heaviest weight at weigh-in
* ALL MICHIGAN FISHING and BOATING REGULATIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED *see links below,4570,7-153-10364_52261_52262-274824--,00.html,4570,7-153-10364_52261_52262-211020--,00.html
*Legal size fish (Under size fish are not eligible for prizes)
* There will be an 8-ounce penalty for dead fish brought to the weigh-in
* ​Only fish caught from Guernsey lake, during tournament hours, by signed up participants, are eligible for  prizes.
*If  fish appears to have been dead for a long time, it will not be counted, (color and stiffness)
*Guernsey Lake Association membership is not  required to participate in tournament
*The scale and time in use at the weigh-in is the official scale and time.  
*The weigh-in station will be open all day during the tournament. 
* If you feel you need to weigh a fish right away to keep it alive, then do so.
*Catch and release is encouraged but not required

*BAIT: Either live or artificial baits may be used

100% payout after trophies

                                           ​​ email fishing committee chair-Kevin Burch ​​​​


               Fishing Tournament