June 27th AT DUSK

Tervis Tumblers $10.00

Call Kathy Finch 269-720-3147


You can now pay for anything Guernsey Lake through Venmo.
Calendar raffle is back!!!

Tickets are $10 each, 6 for $50 and 15 for $150.

Each ticket drawn goes back in the raffle drum for chances to win all month.

To purchase tickets please contact Kathy Finch 269-720-3147 or any board member.​​​​​​
Fireworks Fundraising
January raffle winners
Jan 1st: $20 Fred Flower
Jan 2nd: $50 Sam Sunderland
Jan 3rd: $35 Karen Dejager​​​

​​Jan 4th: $20 Abigail Allen
Jan 5th: $50 Sam Sunderland
Jan 6th: $35 Storm Hudson
Jan 7th: $50 Sam Sunderland
Jan 8th $20 Abigail Allen
Jan 9th: $75 Scott Thomas
Jan 10th: $20: Dave Bilek..donated back

Jan 11th: $35 Katrina Smith
Jan 12th: $50 John & Katie Todd
Jan 13th: $20 Kim Hammond
Jan 14th: $35 John & Katie Todd
Jan 15th: $150 Frank Cook
Jan 16th: $20 Jeff Vanzytfeld
Jan 17th: $50​​ Dave Wilson

Jan 18th: $35 Dave Wilson
Jan 19th: $75 Kim Hammond
Jan 20th: $20 Bill Koeh
Jan 21st: $35 Amy McSorley
Jan 22nd: $20 Brian Andree
Jan 23rd: $50 Frank Cook
Jan 24th: $20 Mary Carroll​​​​​​​​

Jan 25th: $35 Erin Hodges
Jan 26th: $20 Amy McSorley
Jan 27th: $75 Frank Cook
Jan 28th: $35 Craig Jenkins
Jan 29th: $50 Karen DeJager
Jan 30th: $20 Karen DeJager
Jan 31st: $35 Jason Huyser​​​​​​​​
​​ ​​​​